Alkyl Ether Sulfates


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Alkyl Ether Sulfates is an anionic solvent and surfactant that are found in a number of personal care products such as soaps, shampoos and toothpastes. It is generally applied in personal care, household, agriculture, oilfield, mining, coatings and lubricant industries. The properties of the chemical are quite appropriate for use in the above mentioned applications because the substance is very soluble in water and also has low condensation. The chemical is very effective as a forming agent that is used in a number of cosmetic products for the purposes of cleansing and emulsifying properties. Customers who manufacture personal care items, household, agricultural and industrial products will purchase Alkyl Ether Sulfates because of the chemical is a cost effective alternative for numerous cleaning products. Alkyl Ether Sulfates are a great for professional applications because they have superior foam, viscosity response and great lather characteristics. They also have very wonderful detergency mildness and this makes them wonderful cleansing systems. This is why manufacturers of personal care, household, agricultural, and industrial products with beneficial resources that they can find leading edge solutions for their formulation requirements.




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