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This is a colorless liquid that is made from propylene glycol, water, and dipotassium hydrogen phosphate. It is made by the Dow Jones Company and is classified as a heat transfer liquid. It also contains corrosion inhibitors. Because it is a heat transfer liquid, it is used as a coolant in pipes and heating systems as a means to prevent any accidents from happening. It helps keep such systems intact and acts as a measure of freeze or burst prevention. Also, because there are corrosion inhibitors, it helps reduce the chance of rust development. In addition to pipes, Dowfrost can be used on other surfaces as a means of deicing, defrosting, or dehumidifying. Propylene glycol mixes have low toxicity and thus are not hazardous to humans in most doses. However, if you make direct contact with this substance, it may be a mild irritant. If it gets into your eyes, you will need to wash it out. Because it is non-toxic, this substance may be used in certain areas that come into contact with food. Food Freeze Equivalents is an old name that was used for Dowfrost, which is inhibited Propylene Glycol.






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