Ethyl Ether (Avantor 0848-22 ACS 12.5 KG Pail)


Maroon Group - CARE

Mass quantity ethyl ether is often used as a fuel additive for catalyzing the combustion reaction in gasoline and diesel fuel thanks to its natural volatility and low flash point. Both gasoline and diesel are known to be problematic in extreme low temperature conditions, and the many engines and motors they are used to fuel often will not start if the fuel itself is too cold. A small amount of ethyl ether added to the tank or fuel system is often sufficient for getting cold fuel to ignite even in subzero temperatures. As with any form of ether though, users need to be extremely cautious when storing or handling its chief advantages for starting cold engines is also its greatest transport and storage liability. Care should also be taken to protect oneself from vapors, as ether also has powerful anesthetic effects in concentration, and rooms or work areas where ether is handled must be kept well ventilated.




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