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This substance is found naturally, or it can be synthesized in the lab. Salt is a white, odorless substance with a crystalline appearance and strong taste. The FCC indicates that the structure is face-centered cubic, which indicates a higher purity. Salt is not toxic and is soluble in water. Almost every industry uses salt, making it one of the most valuable substances on Earth. It can be used as fertilizer, as a food additive, or even to soften water from heavy metals. Salt can be combined with other minerals for different purposes, such as firefighting or physical therapy. Another primary use is de-icing roads in the winter since salt raises the melting point of water. No safety precautions are needed when handling salt (fcc), although it can have an environmental impact if disposed of improperly. It will irritate the eyes if it comes into direct contact. Gloves should be worn to avoid contamination of the substance, but it’s otherwise safe.


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