Hydrochloric Acid (Avantor 9535-33 ACS 2.5 Liters)


Maroon Group - CARE

This specific ACS reagent grade hydrochloric acid ships in a PVC lined glass container for additional security and safety during storage and transport. Industrial applications of hydrochloric acid include its long-time use in the pickling process of steel, whereby metal is exposed to hydrochloric acid in order to remove rust and/or iron oxide scale from iron or steel before being further processed via extrusion, rolling galvanizing, and other metallurgical techniques for making steel into useful products. Spent acid from pickling was often reused as iron chloride solutions in the past, but recent scientific findings have found high concentrations of toxic heavy metals in the pickling liquor byproduct have decreased this practice in the past few years. However, thanks to hydrochloric acid regeneration processes like the spray roaster and fluidized bed HCl generation process, HCl can be safely recovered from the spent pickling liquor via pyrohydrolysis. Finally, hydrochloric acid is also used in manufacturing of vinyl chloride and dichloroethane for PVC production.




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