Isopropyl Acetate


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This is a naturally occurring substance that is found in a variety of fruits, such as melons, apples, and bananas. It is an ester and as such is a colorless liquid that has a fruity odor and taste to it. Isopropyl acetate is also found in alcoholic beverages and other foods such as cheddar cheese. Because it is natural, this substance can be used as a food additive to add flavor and fragrance to a product. However, in more concentrated doses it is also used as a solvent that blends with other chemicals to create items such as cellulose, plastics, oils, and fats. It can also be added to inks and perfumes as a means of adding fragrance or viscosity to the material. In low doses, isopropyl acetate is not harmful to humans. However, because it is an ester, it is highly flammable and evaporates quickly in air. Prolonged exposure can be harmful if inhaled or ingested in high quantities. Handle with care and wear eye and hand protection when doing so.


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