Maltisorb P200 (Maltitol)

Maroon Group - CARE

Currently the bulk sweetener of choice for sugar substitution in a wide range of food applications to reduce calorie and sugar intake with a minimal reformulation, Maltisorb makes an excellent sugar substitute thanks to its retaining the great taste that consumers look for in low calorie variants of their favorite foods. In addition to sugar reduction/elimination and calorie reduction, Maltitol is also used for glycemic-index reduction as well as viscosity, texture, and crystallization control. Furthermore, maltitol integrates easily into processing, such as when sweetening chocolate during high temperature conching. Its low cooling effects also make it ideal for chewing gum centers, especially in fruit flavored gum where a menthol-type cooling effect would not be desirable from a flavor or texture standpoint. Due to its amazing versatility, maltitol is found in cookies, cakes, snacks, and muffins that require both sweetness and bulking characteristics in order to maintain expected product attributes of such foods.




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