Nu-Dri Absorbent

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This product is made by the Lubetech Corporation. It is a cotton-based pad that can either come in a roll or pre-cut sections. The product is made from mostly natural ingredients from locally sourced materials. Some variations use wood cellulose and eco-fibre materials to make sure that the environmental impact is substantially reduced. Nu-Dri Absorbent pads are used to clean up oil spills on work sites. Because oil is much harder to clean than water, these pads are specifically designed to make the cleanup process easier. In fact, the Nu-Dri system uses hydrophobic treatment to ensure that no water is absorbed along with the oil. These pads work for all kinds of oils, including those from land or water. Even when soaked through, the pads will float and remain buoyant. This product is highly stable and does not have any toxic elements that pose a significant threat to people. It can be touched and handled without any safety gear, although the same may not be true of the oil being cleaned. Obviously, do not eat the pads and you will be fine. They can be stored anywhere, although it's best if the facility is dry and ventilated to ensure that they retain maximum absorbency over time. Because Nu-Dri Absorbent Pads are made from all-natural ingredients, there is no significant environmental impact. The only precautions you have to take are regarding the oil or spills being cleaned, as those compounds may require additional care concerning disposal.




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