Potassium Bromide


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Chemically speaking, potassium bromide is very simple. It comprises a single potassium ion and a single bromide ion; however, it is quite versatile. It is an odorless, white, crystalline compound that has a tremendously elevated melting point of 1346 degrees Fahrenheit. It functions in theoretical scientific investigations, in human and animal medicine and it is a useful photography solutions. This compound is widely used to treat dogs with seizures. Seizure activities start off in the brain tissues with elevated levels of electrical activity. This electrical activity is encouraged by high levels of chloride. Chloride that is in the brain tissues compete with the bromide ions found in the compound. This decreases chloride levels and inhibits the beginning of seizures. The compound can be used to treat and control seizures in horses and cats as well. However, it is rarely used because of the incidences of side effects, especially in cats. Even though potassium bromide's primary role has been medical applications, it has been utilized in photographic development as well. In this role, it assists in preventing fogging and it is especially important in spectroscopy. This is because it is more transparent to infrared in comparison to a number of other substances.





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