Sodium Hydroxide NF/FCC Avantor MA-7680-28 25Kg


Maroon Group - CARE

This substance can either be found as a solid or as a liquid. In solid form, it is a white, waxy crystal that can be stored as flakes, spheres, or as a single block. To create a liquid solution, sodium hydroxide is mixed with water. It is odorless and may have a slippery feel to it. It is highly corrosive to the skin and must be handled with care. The commercial name for sodium hydroxide is lye, and it works well as a cleaning agent. However, it can also be found in a wide variety of other industries, including paper production where it can help turn wood fibers into pulp. Since it breaks down tissue remarkably well, it can be utilized in cleaning up roadkill and other body parts. Other applications include the production of soaps, dyes, and petroleum products. Proper protection must be worn at all times when handling this substance. It is more stable as a solution, but it can still create severe chemical burns if exposed directly to the skin or eyes. It must also be stored in an airtight container to prevent contamination from the outside air.





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