Zinc Chloride ACS


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This particular chemical is one of the more unknown ones that you’re going to find but it is still an important one that you need to know about. The physical form of this powder is a crystal type powder that also has crystals and chunks in it, so it isn’t necessarily going to be a fine powder substance. Additionally, the color is going to be more towards a white, off-white type mix that is pretty noticeable to pick out. This particular chemical has a 0.84 density, a 136.29 formula weight and needs to be handled with care to avoid any possible injuries that might occur. This chemical is used for a wide variety of different things such as a disinfectant, part of a smoke grenade or even can be used to aid in fingerprint detection. This is one of the rare chemicals that really finds its use in a bunch of different areas, rather than just one single area.




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